With us, you can engage your target audience, create eLearning with an impact
and measure its effectiveness

A motivating course that facilitates the learning process is the most effective one

We help you in making your eLearning content interesting and in facilitating your e-learners' learning process.


A well-planned online course engages the learners and helps them reach their learning goals. Both the learners and the instructors gain from pedagogically planned eLearning. 

Creating digital courses from scratch can be time-consuming. Often one has to learn the various functionalities of a given platform the hard way, not to mention that there are tens, maybe even hundreds of platforms available. How to choose the right one and how to have time to build up interesting courses?


Let us help you!

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Create internal trainings and measure their impact with our help

Using eLearning in internal training is both time-saving and considerate towards the learners. It's of utmost importance to consider the learner in these training as well as in any other courses, let them concern GDPR, compliance, diversity, or work safety. 


We help you in engaging your learners in the content you produce already in the beginning, creating interesting and effective courses, and in measuring their impact. Our measuring process is a combination of qualitative and quantitative tools. 

Build courses that have an impact 

As online learning often lacks personal, face-to-face interaction, online course content should be exciting and varying. Not just text, pictures, and videos but interactive features: quizzes, polls, and other engaging tasks. Course content should facilitate the learners' learning process and the fulfillment of the learning goals. 

We instruct and help you in building your courses with this in mind. With us, you can be sure that the content is always optimized to the eLearning platform you have at your disposal. 

Benefit from our tips regarding the eLearning platform selection

Selecting a suitable eLearning platform is one of the most important decisions you have to make during your eLearning project. Sometimes it is also good to stop and evaluate whether the platform you currently have really has all the features you would need. 

Never make a choice without thoroughly thinking about what you really need. You should always define your needs, investigate the available services and test-use a couple of the best platforms. 

We help you in making the selection process systematic by providing you with our own process. We have also published quite many blog texts discussing this matter. 

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