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Kaisa katsoo. Kuvasta kiitos Nelli Kivinen

YH Training Oy

Kaisa Tainio-Keinonen

CEO & Content creator

+358 44 970 2058

Electronic invoicing

electronic invoice address: 003730947086

e-invoice operator: 003723327487

Business ID: 3094708-6

Who's behind YH Training?

Hi, I'm Kaisa.


I help HR directors and teams engage employees and improve work satisfaction and the company's employer brand.

I believe in change - the human ability to develop and become better, the desire to succeed built into each of us.

I love processes, metrics, measuring, and creating and implementing various interventions and training. I am passionate about verifying the effectiveness of training. For me, improving one's skills and developing the emotional and working atmosphere of any organization is a dynamic process - and as any process, it has practically unlimited scaling possibilities.

In addition to spending my working hours thinking about these topics and executing projects that have to do with training, measuring, and statistics, I also spend lots of my free time studying these matters. For example, I have finished basic studies in statistics & basic and intermediate studies in psychology at the Helsinki and Eastern Finland universities. My major at the university of Helsinki is special education. Outside the university, I learn eg about social psychology, resilience, biases, interpreting study results, and creating reliable and valid measures.

My approach is solution-oriented: I teach my customers a detailed, easy-to-apply process. With my help, measuring with a customized tool and bringing about the change you desire will become a part of your company's routines. And I will help you every step of the way.

My mission in working life, and life in general, is to increase inclusion, accessibility, and happiness. In all my life, I comply my values:

Integrity | Kindness | Joy of learning | Curiousness | Ethics | Evidence-based practice

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