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Kaisa Tainio-Keinonen

CEO & Content creator

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Who's behind YH Training?

Hi there, I'm Kaisa! Nice to meet you! 

I got into eLearning first as a SaaS product salesperson. However, as selling requires such qualities that are not natural to me, I started producing e-Learning content for my customers first using the tool I had been selling. 


I have grown to a generalist in eLearning whose mission is to make sure that everyone finds the most suitable platform for their needs and also that companies, educational institutions and other organizations produce and utilize eLearning content that engages the learner and facilitates the learning process. 

I create eLearning content to your Learning Management System (LMS) using any eLearning authoring tool you wish or using the tools your LMS has to offer. I have the skill to transform an extensive amount of material into learning content that facilitates the learner and is engaging and interesting. In my work, I emphasize accessibility, utilization of multiple layers, and building a good user experience. However, also the efficiency of trainings is important to me because of my background in large organizations. If you are in search of a new eLearning platform I can help you, as I have familiarized myself with the current supply and can recommend 2-5 most suitable platforms to you based on a short interview. 

My background is in support functions and administration and I underline the importance of needs-based content and trainings together with pre and post-measures which in my opinion is the only reliable way to find out if the training was successful.  I have a kind of analytical-practical approach to all types of problems: first, to find out what the problem is; second, to figure out the best ways to reach an optimal result; third, to do what needs to be done.

We try to live according to our values:


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