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Choosing the most suitable e-Learning platform

There are currently tens if not hundreds of e-Learning platforms available, and it may be quite difficult to find the one that suits your needs best. Luckily I'm here to help you with the selection and implementation!

Tell me, what your requirements are and I'll find a platform that fulfills your needs. The service includes: 

  • Needs assessment

  • searching the e-Learning platform that best suits your needs

  • consultation during the implementation phase. 

Planning and creating an online course

What are your plans regarding your e-Learning entity? What is your target audience? Answer these and other questions and I will deliver you a ready-to-use online course. The service includes: 

  • Crystallizing the value proposition of your course

  • planning and producing the e-Learning content either by using your existing material or from scratch, fulfilling the value proposition of your course 

  • consultation in acquiring an online learning environment or delivering the course to your online learning environment

  • measuring the effectiveness of your course: monitoring the learning analytics

  • technical and pedagogical support regarding your course.

Evaluating your e-Learning content

I can evaluate your online course in regard to its structure, content, and pedagogical efficiency. Although you have your course up and running you might want to get an evaluation to make it even better and to increase your customers' satisfaction! 

  • Are the features pedagogically efficient?

  • Is the technical execution best possible?

  • Does the course contain enough interactive elements?

  • Is the value proposition of the course fulfilled?

  • Can learners reach their learning goals? 

Renting and administering e-Learning platform

If you don't wish to acquire your own license to an online learning environment, you have an option to distribute your course via some of my platforms.

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